Test de Inglés

1. Good morning, Mary. How _________________?
A you are
B you is
C are you
D is you
2. Susan stayed _________________ at the week-end.
A in home
B at home
C in house
D at house.
3. I usually have lunch _________________ 1 o’clock.
A for
B by
C on
D at
4. _________________ like a cup of tea?
A Do you
B Will you
C Would you
D Could you
5. John is _________________ his sister.
A younger as
B younger than
C youngest as
D youngest than
6. What is Jane doing? She _________________ some letters.
A will write
B has written
C writes
D is writing
7. It _________________ rain this afternoon.
A can
B may
C has to
D would
8. What country _________________ from?
A come you
B are you coming
C came you
D do you come
9. Mrs. Smith _________________ television every evening.
A is watching
B has watched
C watches
D watched
10. I _________________ to telephone my parents yesterday.
A forgot
B was forgetting
C have forgotten
D had forgotten
11. This umbrella was left in the taxi. Do you know _________________ it is?
A who
B who's
C whose
D of whom
12. He plays the piano better _________________ his brother.
A then
B than
C as
D for
13. People _________________ always help their friends.
A should
B could
C might
D would
14. If you _________________ late I will have to leave without you.
A might be
B would be
C will be
D are
15. Richard has been learning French _________________ five years.
A during
B for
C since
D from
16. Would you mind _________________ the window?
A you open
B to open
C opening
D if you open
17. He speaks _________________
A quite well English
B English quite well
C English quite good
D English quite fluent
18. I’m very sorry but I _________________ your name.
A was forgetting
B forgot
C had forgotten
D have forgotten
19. Before _________________ the lunch I must telephone Michael.
A cooking
B I will cook
C I am going to cook
D to cook
20. He can’t swim properly, _________________ ?
A can’t he
B can he
C doesn’t he
D does he
21. My brother _________________ tennis when he was younger.
A was playing
B has played
C used to play
D was used to play
22. I generally like staying at home on Sundays but next Sunday I would prefer _________________ out for lunch.
A have gone
B if I go
C to be going
D to go
23. How long _________________ Mary?
A have you known
B are you knowing
C know you
D do you know
24. When we _________________ the monkeys we’ll go and look at the lions.
A see
B have seen
C will see
D will have seen
25. You _________________ to discuss the matter with your lawyer.
A might
B should
C had better
D ought
26. There are several reasons _________________ I chose a Jaguar.
A that
B why
C because
D for
27. I’m learning English _________________ me in my business.
A for helping
B to help
C for to help
D in order help
28. He’s very _________________ to pass the exam.
A likely
B probable
C suitable
D expected
29. Where _________________ lunch yesterday?
A did you have
B were you having
C have you had
D had you
30. When he _________________ all his money he went home.
A spent
B has spent
C had spent
D was spending
31. I must ask someone when _________________
A this train leaves
B does this train leaves
C leaves this train
D is this train leaving
32. You’d better not break your promise, _________________ ?
A would you
B wouldn’t you
C had you
D hadn’t you
33. My wife _________________ clothes. She is very extravagant.
A is always buying
B always buys
C always bought
D will always be buying
34. _________________ like to live in London?
A How is
B What sort is
C What is it
D Which is
35. No sooner _________________ the letter than he collapsed.
A he read
B he did read
C he had read
D had he read
36. After swimming for three hours he _________________ dry land.
A finally managed reaching
B finally succeeded to reach
C could finally reach
D was finally able to reach
37. I wish it _________________ raining.
A will stop
B would stop
C stopped
D would have stopped
38. I don’t really think this book is worth _________________ .
A to read
B to read it
C reading
D reading it
39. He wants _________________ him as soon as possible.
A you to phone
B that you phone
C that you will phone
D you phone
40. Mr. Robinson died last year. You _________________ seen him yesterday.
A shouldn’t have
B mustn’t have
C won’t have
D can’t have